How Can We Help You?

We staff a help desk at the Lynchburg Virginia Cooperative Extension, Lynchburg Community Market, and on Green Market Wednesdays to answer garden questions with VCE research-based information and VT laboratory access. We also accept samples of sick plants or insects for identification.

Help Desk Hours

VCE office

Each Tuesday and Thursday beginning April 26, 2016, and continuing through Sept. 29, 2016
(9 a.m. – noon)

Community Market booth

Each Saturday beginning March 19, 2016, and continuing through Oct. 15, 2016
(8 – 11 a.m.)

Green Market Wednesdays

Each Wednesday beginning May 4, 2016, and continuing through Oct. 5, 2016
(10 a.m. – 1 p.m.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Speakers Bureau

Lest we leave not one stone unturned in our quest to share our love of all things flora, the HCMGA Speakers Bureau is available for any civic group or garden club who wishes to expand their knowledge of gardens, sound land management practices and conservation awareness.  The group can select from a large list of topics to suit their interests.
See the list of speakers topics here.